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Shae Rooke


Education: University of Sydney (M.A.), Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Subjects: English, Drama, LAMDA.

8 Year Experience

With a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Drama, Shae has the perfect qualifications to teach at Trinity Learning. Her experience is vast; she writes: "I am a professional actor and drama-workshop facilitator. I have over seven years of experience facilitating drama workshops to primary and secondary students and four years of experience tutoring performance and public speaking to students (aged 8 - 15 years). I regularly perform as an actor and have toured both nationally and internationally in award-winning theatrical productions. I have the skills, knowledge and experience to engage young people across a wide range of subjects." Shae works with some of our youngest children, helping them to understand the stories and meanings of The Oxford Reading Tree series. She is also offering courses in The Art of Public Speaking, LAMDA. Her one-to-one lessons is ideal for those children who lack confidence and are reluctant learners. Shae is married to Harry and enjoys travelling, reading, and, of course... acting.

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