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Emily Ghiro


Education: Eastbourne College, King's College, London. Manning's Tutors

Subjects: English, Spanish, French

6 Years of Experience

Emily was educated at the prestigious Eastbourne College and King's College, London.  Emily grew up in Italy and in the U.K. and has dual nationality as an Italian – British resident.


Experienced as an English, Spanish, French, Italian and History tutor for both individual and group lessons, Emily has taught up to GCSE and A Level standard.  Fluent in five languages, makes her the ideal choice for those students who are studying Modern Foreign Languages in the U.K. and for those wishing to try out a new language.  Emily is also a skilled English tutor who has worked tutoring reading comprehension and literacy skills.


Away from teaching, Emily has volunteered as a charity worker, helping those who are disadvantaged in society and as a volunteer at a local hospice.

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