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University Applications

Trinity Learning's bespoke Higher Education service is designed to enhance the careers advice given to students in schools and help to alleviate some of the many stresses.


We will assist in guiding the student to make an effective UCAS application by looking at their individual strengths and weaknesses and steering them towards the most suitable courses and institutions that reflect their learning styles. We want each student to reach their potential, and this starts with an honest appraisal of the student's abilities and wishes for the future.


The personal statement is another area where some students need advice – many think it is a CV – it is not. Whilst essential that it is their own work, we can help guide each student through their draft statements and, if need be, make suggestions on how they could improve their writing style and content. Having worked with some of the top universities in the country, we have a good idea of what they are looking for… and what they are not! 


As well as the standard university applications, we have worked with students applying for medicine -including BMAT preparation, Oxbridge, and those applying for multidiscipline courses, where an additional personal statement can be required.


We also help students prepare for interviews to represent the very best of themselves, including the somewhat daunting Oxbridge interview. Our friendly team can help with thought-provoking mock interviews and discuss questions that you may wish to ask the interviewer. 


Most students will invest at least three years at university; we want to help to give you the best possible start.


Haydon Moore

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