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Jack bowen.jpg

Jack Bowen


Education:  Dulwich College

Peterhouse, University of Cambridge

Subjects: Oxbridge Application, History, English

2 Years of Experience

After winning the University of Cambridge Peterhouse Vellacott Essay Prize in 2020 – one of the most competitive and prestigious pre-graduate essay competitions – Jack joined Peterhouse College in 2021.  On top of his first-class degree mark in history, he was awarded, in his first year, both a College prize and a senior scholarship for academic achievement in his subject.  He was also elected the President of the Peterhouse History Society. 


Jack's incredible passion for history, as well as his intellectual track record, makes him highly suited to tutoring the subject at all levels.  History is exciting; thrilling even, and making it come alive is a fantastic way of improving and accelerating the learning process.  Whether the student is at prep school, studying for senior school exams or attempting to pursue history further, enthused engagement with the subject matter is critical for success both with content and exam technique.


Having recently completed the Oxbridge admissions process, Jack is very well-placed to provide tailored support for prospective students for all top universities.

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