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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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  • When the Pevensie children - Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy - step through a wardrobe door in the strange country house where they are staying, they find themselves in the land of Narnia. Frozen in eternal winter, Narnia is a land of snow and pine forests, and the terrible White Witch enslaves its creatures.


    Tempted by the promise of endless Turkish Delight, Edmund becomes the White Witch's servant - and it's up to his brother and sisters to release him from his enchantment and to rid Narnia of the witch. But just when it seems that all hope is lost, the Great Lion Aslan returns to help the children to save Narnia.


    This classic story is certain to capture young imaginations, cleverly blending elements of fairy-tale and fantasy to create a wonderfully engaging adventure. Join us as we explore this fantastic tale; learn new vocabulary as well as looking at C. S Lewis' clever use of imagery, personification, metaphor, and allegory. A must-read for all children and a remarkable story for cold autumnal evenings, C.S Lewis is regarded as one of the twentieth century's most important and influential writers.

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