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Why Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare died more than 400 years ago, yet students across the world still study him at senior school and University. He is arguably the most excellent writer that the world has ever seen, and his contribution to the development of the English language is second to none. People quote Shakespeare daily, and it would be hard to find somebody that hasn't heard of at least one of his plays. And yet, for such a great poet and playwright, many lay at his charge, one of boredom and irrelevance. How has this become the case?


One has to remember that Shakespeare was writing in the 17th century and the language of that time is very different from the English used today. English was not standardized, so writers such as Chaucer and Shakespeare are pretty hard to understand at times. Many schools are reluctant to teach Shakespeare at an early age because they do not have the resources. Other times, they do not have specialist teachers to teach Shakespeare's vast number of plays and sonnets. And yet, what is so frustrating is that children have to study Shakespeare when it comes to compulsory GCSEs; if they learn English at A level, they have to study Shakespeare. Why do schools not prepare students at an earlier age to help them in their future studies?


It is somewhat beyond me, and when I was the Principal of a school, I embraced Shakespeare's teaching at an early age. Shakespeare is such an incredible writer, and his plays and ideas are so exciting and captivate each child's imagination. We used to put on a Shakespearean play each year, and they absolutely loved doing it because the stories are so spectacular.


With Trinity learning, I was determined to offer Shakespeare courses at an early age. I have carefully recruited some of the leading experts in Shakespearean teaching in the country. I have sourced experienced tutors and professional actors who have performed Shakespeare at The National Theatre and the BBC. The courses that we offer will give an understanding of the world of Shakespeare and will place them above their contemporaries in the UK. For those thinking of coming to Britain in the future, the Shakespearean study will really help them with GCSE English literature, a compulsory subject in the vast majority of schools. Above all else, studying Shakespeare is so fascinating and beneficial in children's lives. The building blocks and the groundwork we can do here at Trinity Learning so that your child can access this great writer's works in the future. 

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